Created by Janet Cole Valdez,
Tom Valdez and Marc Bosserman

“…pretty darn super…it earns its stripes as an amusing and affecting take on Miguel de Cervantes’ story…a spate of terrific rock and pop tunes encompassing the majestic…the passive-aggressive…the urgent…and even the lovely…The real, the fantastic, and the in-between worlds that collide time and time again during the show are all defined through the score in ways that pay appropriate heed to the logic of Cervantes, comic books, and reality…the futures for Emerald Man look rosy indeed.”
- Matthew Murray, TalkinBroadway.com

“…dark and touching…Janet Cole Valdez deserves kudos for building such an incredible book of words and lyrics that made me laugh and really moved me…The music by Marc Bosserman and Tom Valdez is awesome. It has just the right mix of pop and rock, matched perfectly with Valdez’s lyrics, to make this musical stand up and get noticed…Duncan is my new superhero.”
-John Samuel Jordan, NYTheatre.com