Emerald Man selected for ASCAP/Disney workshop!

Emerald Man has been chosen for the 2007 ASCAP/Disney Musical Theatre Workshop in Burbank, California. Four shows were chosen out of 170 submissions, and we’re in! The workshops are hosted by Stephen Schwartz (writer of Wicked, Godspell, Pippin, and many others.) The evenings include two performances of Emerald Man and a panel discussion about the show with Stephen and other Broadway writers, producers, etc. There will be two performances: a 25 minute segment of the show on Monday, January 29th, and a 50 minute segment on Tuesday, February 20th, at Disney Studios, 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank. Both workshops begin at 7pm sharp.

The ASCAP Disney readings of Emerald Man will feature an all-new Los Angeles cast, including Jonathan Goldstein (co-star of Nickelodeon series "Drake and Josh"), Justin Alston, Justis Bolding, Sacha P. Comrie, Ryan Cusino, Steven Cutts, Jazz Emery, Tricia Kelly, Deedee O'Malley, Rob O'Brien and Jon Statham.

EM gets great reviews! Emerald Man was extremely well received in New York! Here are some highlights from critics and fans: (read the full media reviews in our “Press” section.)

“…pretty darn super…it earns its stripes as an amusing and affecting take on Miguel de Cervantes’ story…a spate of terrific rock and pop tunes encompassing the majestic…the passive-aggressive…the urgent…and even the lovely…The real, the fantastic, and the in-between worlds that collide time and time again during the show are all defined through the score in ways that pay appropriate heed to the logic of Cervantes, comic books, and reality…the futures for Emerald Man look rosy indeed.”
- Matthew Murray,

“…dark and touching…Janet Cole Valdez deserves kudos for building such an incredible book of words and lyrics that made me laugh and really moved me…The music by Marc Bosserman and Tom Valdez is awesome. It has just the right mix of pop and rock, matched perfectly with Valdez’s lyrics, to make this musical stand up and get noticed…Duncan is my new superhero.”
-John Samuel Jordan,

“This is amazing! I was blown away with the emotions packed into this outstanding musical! I swear I haven’t cried so hard since I saw Rent…this magical musical…it’s going to be the next big thing in a year or two!” - Rebecca, a fan

Oh my God, this show rocks! I saw it twice during the NYMF festival and I must say this show was my favorite!!! You guys are definitely going to Broadway!!!! - Will, a fan

Just to let you guys know you are my "heroes." The show is AMAZING – Matt, a fan

“Broadway is so very close.” – Liz, a fan

September 2006



August 2006
WOW! Janet is in New York for the duration, we have a brilliant cast, and an amazing team of Broadway professionals working hard to get the show ready for our world premier in
the New York Musical Theatre Festival on September 12th.  We'd heard that there was a LOT to this process, but just like anything of magnitude, you never get the full picture of it until you're right there experiencing the actual reality.  We'll post some stories from Janet here when she gets a couple of seconds to breathe...  

Someone told me that putting up a musical is the most challenging of any art/show/entertainment process due to the complexities involved.  Now squeeze that into 4 weeks of rehearsals instead of the months you'd expect, plus festival budget restrictions that are two orders of magnitude lower than what is normally allotted to put up a big show.  We are SOOOOO lucky to have an incredible NY producer that has put together an AMAZING and dedicated team.  I'm completely amazed (and totally grateful) at what these pros are pulling off.  I can't wait until I get to NY!!!  --Tom

June 2006
We can't begin to describe the excitement going on around here these days! We've been flying back and forth to New York, frantically recording the last few songs, making charts, doing script re-writes, updating websites and preparing for auditions. We have most of our funding in place. (THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS TO OUR ANGELS!!)

We have an amazing producer, who has put together a "dream team" of Broadway professionals to present the world premier of "Emerald Man" at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in September.

We have a director, music director, choreographer, set designer, costume designer, sound designer, lighting designer, stage manager, company manager, producer's assistant, casting director and top-level publicist on board!

These guys all have major credits - and they're doing this for "showcase pay" (which translates to practically nothing) out of their love for "Emerald Man" and their desire to get in on the ground floor of such a promising new project.

We have a gorgeous new Off-Broadway venue for our show (37 Arts Building) and we now have our show dates - September 12th, 15th, 16th (2 shows,) 17th and 22nd.

Tickets (only $15 each!) go on sale September 1st, and can be obtained through the NYMF site ( We return to New York next week for auditions (if you're interested, check the nymf or our myspace site for specific times, places, etc.)

We continue to receive an outpouring of support that keeps us in awe. Please know how much we appreciate your good wishes. We'd be thrilled to see you in NY in September, if your schedules permit. Be sure to regularly check our websites for more detailed updates ( and  in addition to

May 2006
We are pleased to welcome the multi-talented Josh Prince to the Emerald Man family. He will be directing and choreographing our show for the world premier in New York this fall.

May 2006
We are thrilled to announce that "Emerald Man"  will be debuting in New York this Fall!  We were selected out of  nearly 400 musicals, by a jury of Broadway luminaries, as one of 18 exciting new shows which will be presented at this year's New York Musical Theatre Festival.

    "The New York Musical Theatre Festival has more than enough wattage to jolt audiences back up in their seats. The next three weeks are a show lover’s buffet, crammed with Broadway stars, high-profile writers and buzz heavy new works” -- Time Out New York (September 8, 2005).  Many shows from previous festivals have gone on to successful runs Off-Broadway, on the West End in London, and other commercial venues.  This is a huge opportunity for "Emerald Man" to be seen by prospective producers and to generate large numbers of new fans.   
We've just returned from the NYMF launch party in New York, where we were announced, cheered, and much to our delight, surrounded with offers of involvement.    Click here to read the Playbill announcement:  

For show schedules and ticket information, visit

April, 2006
Emerald Man is on Myspace! Check us out at

January 2006
2006: The Year of the Emerald! The new re-written book is complete! We have found a theatre! We’ve connected up with a hot rock-and-roll clothing designer, who is going to design our costumes! The last few songs are being recorded! Check out our casting notice! Stay tuned for developments!

March 2004
Since the launch of our website, a "buzz" has been generating. We are continuing to gather support and excitement. Without letting any cats out of bags, I can tell you that at least 2 Tony-award winning Broadway producers have visited the site…one of whom has already RSVP'd for the L.A. show! 

Speaking of the L.A. show, co-producer Liz Guilliams has been "gathering the forces together," helping us put our team in place to get this show up on stage. We invite interested participants to get in touch.

February 2004
In preparation for our upcoming performances, we have hired a music transcriber. The Emerald Man production team welcomes Christopher Given Harrison, who is hard at work creating sheet music for the EM score! 

January 2004 - Happy New Year!
The Emerald Man website is officially up and running.
Check back often.
(And sign up on the email list to stay informed...)

December 2003 - Emerald Man reading.
We had our first script reading at the home of Deedee O'Malley. Well, it looks like we have a show. Now it's polishing time: we're cranking up the heat, adding some more high-energy rock numbers, and tightening up the pace, in preparation for our 2004 Los Angeles workshop production. Thanks to the actors (alphabetical order:) Lauren Brody-Stewart , Paul Ellis, Lee Gordon, Elizabeth Guilliams, Terence Jay, Deedee O'Malley and Sharif Rashed.

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