Emerald Man, a modern day "Don Quixote," was inspired by a true story

15-year-old Duncan has always loved comic books and superheroes. His only knowledge of his father is an emerald high school ring that Duncan wears around his neck. 

Mom takes up with alcoholic Big Joe, and the tension begins to mount, until Duncan witnesses Big Joe committing a murder. Big Joe threatens: tell a soul and I'll hurt your mom. Duncan, crazy and conflicted, runs away to L.A., where he has heard that his dad lives. 

He arrives to find the "City of Angels" decidedly lacking in heavenly qualities. Alone and scared, he has a realization: cowardice isn't the answer. Inspired by the comics he loves, he makes a decision: He will re-invent himself as a superhero. He puts on his dad's ring, names himself "Emerald Man," and vows to fight the world's evil. He dubs Big Joe his archenemy, swearing to bring him down. 

Finding his reluctant lady-love (Candy) and cool-as-a-breeze sidekick (Jamal,) "Emerald Man" sets off on his ridiculous, Quixotic adventures, in his quest to bring honor and decency to a world gone mad. 

With Big Joe hot on his trail, he prepares for the final battle with his nemesis. As the action intensifies, so does the heart of our tale: the presence of this unusual kid called "Emerald Man" changes the lives of those he touches forever.

Late one summer night, Janet was having coffee with a musician friend after his show. He imparted the story of his newly found son who, having lived a rough existence at an early age, re-invented himself into the person he is today. With that inspiration, Janet chose a classic theme (Don Quixote) and created a modern day tale of isolation, idealism, insanity and love.

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